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Women urged to participate in global survey on rural women

18 November 2018, Ahad

Shanks (second left), Brennan (far right) join ACWW and SWFI members in ‘joget’, a traditional Malay dance.

MIRI: Women in Malaysia including members of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) in Sarawak have not responded positively towards the global survey on the living condition of rural women.

This survey which started in March 15 and ends this Dec 30 is co-ordinated by ACWW and World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organisations (WAITRO), under the International Forum on Rural Women (IFRW).

ACWW world president Ruth Shanks regretted that only a few women in Malaysia participated in the survey despite being Internet savvy.

“The global survey is part of our work with the United Nations. Our London office is waiting patiently for your response and data.”

Thus she urged ACWW and SFWI members to make it their urgent priority to take part in the global survey online at through mobile phones or social media.

“The full results will be published in April 2019 at the 29th Triennial World Conference of ACWW in Melbourne, Australia and shared with governments, policymakers and non-governmental organisation partners around the world,” said Shanks during a welcoming reception for her and ACWW treasurer Heather Brennann from Sarawak Federation of Women’s Institutes (SFWI) Miri/ Bintulu.

“ACWW is an amazing organisation which represents about 9 -10 million rural women around the world and has grown to 400 societies in 85 counties,” she said.

On her six-day visit to Miri and Kuching, Shanks said she was pleased to gather more first-hand information on development of rural women in Sarawak.

Also present were ACWW former president Datuk Ursula Goh, SFWI exco member for Miri/Bintulu Hilda Mesen Mayor and chairman of SFWI Miri/Bintulu Habsah Daud.